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Online Poker

Online poker, for those who haven't tried it yet, is great fun tremendous fun. It has something for everyone! New players like it because it's less intimidating than private games, and certainly less intimidating than casinos. You can simply watch a few hands without anyone glaring suspiciously at you. Then, you can sit in at a free table. The software will tell you when it's your turn, and how much you can bet. It guides you through the game, so you can enjoy playing, instead of feeling like you are on the hotseat. Experienced players can take advantage of the fact that these poker rooms are full of players, and you can find a game any time of day or night. Choose from a wide variety of different poker games, choose the limits that you want, and never worry about who is shuffling the cards.

Tournament Poker - Besides dealing traditional rounds of poker, several of the online poker rooms offer tournament play. Everyone starts with the same amount of chips, and you keep playing until only one player remains. Different poker rooms also schedule multi-table tournaments. The prizes are much larger for those who can stay in until the end in these games.
Online poker rooms also offer some fun and creative bonuses. Several of the poker rooms offer daily High Hand awards, and have what they call a Bad Beat program. Ever get beat with four tens? If that ever happens online, you'll want to look up the room's Bad Beat policy, because online, those kinds of losing hands can win you the Bad Beat jackpot!
Take advantage of our site to learn more about the different games of poker and their rules. Learn some simple strategies that can give you the upper hand.
Virgin Poker
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