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Sports Betting
This is a simple guide as an introduction to betting on the horses. This can be fun if you keep the stakes small. A good start for beginners is the PLACEPOT bet. Pick a horse from each of the first six races and, if each of the six horses is placed, you win!  
Types of Bet
A win bet is the most straightforward and simple bet you can make. You simply back a horse to win. If it comes first you collect. If it doesn't you lose.
If you back a horse to get placed then you are selecting a horse to come first, second, third or fourth. Depending on the number of runners in the race and the type of race (i.e. a handicap) you may only get paid if the horse is first or second, or if the horse comes in the first three. A race must have five runners or more for you to be able to make a place bet.
Each Way
If you back a horse each way, then it doesn't need to win for you to collect money. Depending on the number of runners in the race and the type of race (i.e. a handicap) then the horse may come second, third or fourth for you to collect. If the horse wins you basically win twice. You pick up your money for the win, plus you money for the place. An each way bet is two bets put together a win bet and a place bet. A race must have five runners or more for you to be able to make an each way bet.
A double can apply to either a win or each way bet. This means that you back two horses in two different races. If the bet comes in then you multiply the odds for both horses. If one part of the bet fails then you lose all the money that you staked.
A treble works in the same way as a double, except that it covers three horses. As with a double you can bet on either a win or an each way treble.
An accumulator is the next step up. Here you can back four or more horses to either win or come in each way.
Straight Forecast
As with a double two horses are selected for the straight forecast. The difference is that they are both in the same race. You select the two horse that you think will come first and second and you must name the one that you think will win. The horse must finish first and second and in the specified order for you to pick up the money.
Reverse Forecast
Reverse forecast is basically two straight forecast bets put together. Therefore as long as your horses come first and second you will win. The order that the two finish in doesn't matter.
A tricast is a step up from a double, where you name the first three to finish. Obviously this is a pretty hard bet to pull off and the odds will reflect that.
A patent covers three horses in three different races. It has seven bets in all, three singles, three doubles and a treble.
The trixie is similar to the patent in that it covers three selections all in different races. It differs from the trixie as there are no single bets. Therefore the trixie is made up of four bets, three doubles and one treble.
A yankee is a step up from the trixie and has four selections, all running in different races. It has six doubles, three trebles and one fourfold.
Super Yankee
Next comes the yankees big brother, the super yankee. It covers five selections, generating twenty six bets. Ten doubles, ten trebles, five four folds and one five fold.
The Heinz is a step up again and takes its name from the fact that it covers fifty-seven bets for six selections. The bet is made up of fifteen doubles, twenty trebles, fifteen four folds, six five folds and one six fold.
The daddy of them all is the Goliath. The Goliath covers eight selections and generates a massive two hundred and forty seven bets. That's twenty-eight doubles, fifty six trebles, seventy four folds, fifty six five folds, twenty eight six folds, eight seven folds and one eight fold. If they all come in with a decent wager down then you will be a very happy person indeed.
The Jackpot is a bet that you place with The Tote. There are six races in a Jackpot and you have to select all six winners to win. All bets are placed in a pool and winners share the pool between them after The Tote has taken a percentage of the pool. The minimum bet is £1 with permutations being accepted to a minimum unit stake of 10p upwards.
The Placepot is identical to the Jackpot except that you are selecting horses to be placed rather than to win
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